As a child you probably played Monopoly. As Masons we’re introducing MASONOPOLY!  MASONOPOLY is an effort by Corinthian Lodge to raise funds for the maintenance of its historic building on Monument Square in Concord.

Why is Corinthian Lodge doing this?

The Corinthian Lodge’s building dates back to the 1820’s with the most recent addition of the Lodge room in the 1920’s. It is a beautiful building drenched with history but it requires far more rehabilitation than Corinthian Lodge can afford alone.

Is this approved by Grand Lodge?

Yes, we have the full support and dispensation of the Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts.

What’s in it for your Lodge?
  • Immortalize YOUR Lodge with a game square!
  • Sell at least 30 games and you’ll make a profit while helping Corinthian Lodge!
What is the cost?
  • Game squares cost $300 which includes one free game.
  • Additional games cost $15.00 to you
  • The suggested price to resell the games is $25
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