Corinthian Lodge Discovery! - Officer Jewels dating from 1797!

Corinthian Lodge A.F & A.M. recently discovered a set of silver Masonic officer’s jewels long forgotten by the lodge.

Although it cannot be conclusively determined, it is possible the jewels were fashioned by early-American Patriot, silversmith, and Freemason, Paul Revere. Each officer in a Masonic lodge wears a symbolic jewel representing his station suspended from a collar. Revere served as the Grand Master, or presiding officer, of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts between 1795 and 1797. During his tenure, he chartered 23 new Masonic lodges in Massachusetts and Maine (then a part of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts); he instituted Corinthian Lodge in 1797. Many “Revere” lodges have, or had, officers’ jewels fashioned by the Grand Master.

The jewels discovered by Corinthian Lodge have been determined to be from the period. Without written records, it is impossible to determine with certainty Revere made them. They have a written record from their minutes noting the first Lodge Master, Dr. Isaac Hurd, donated a set of officers’ jewels to the lodge. The records do not indicate Revere made the jewels. Hurd, however, certainly knew Revere. St. Andrews Lodge, with Revere serving as its Master, initiated Hurd into the Fraternity in 1777.

Corinthian Lodge A.F. & A.M., Concord, MA was the 26th lodge constituted by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Early-American Patriot Paul Revere chartered the Lodge on June 16, 1797 during his tenure as Grand Master. Corinthian Lodge has been woven into the social fabric of Concord ever since. Its brothers have actively served to improve themselves, their community, and this country. Today, the lodge sponsors scholarships for local students, operates a Masonic Angel Fund to anonymously assist children who do not fit the criteria for usual social service programs, and conduct MYCHIP (Masonic Youth Child Identification Programs) events to provide families with a comprehensive identification package to help law enforcement authorities find and identify a missing child. Notable members of Corinthian Lodge include: Lemuel Shattuck, Author of the History of Concord, father of modern vital statistics, and namesake of the Shattuck Hospital; Ephraim Bull, Developer of the “Concord” Grape; and, Brigadier General Norman C. Spencer Jr., U.S. Air Force.

Freemasonry seeks to bring together men of every country, religion, race, level of education, income, and opinion and develop the bonds of friendship between them. Through a large variety of North American Masonic philanthropies, approximately $3,000,000 is given to charity every day, 70% of which benefits the public. During its initiation ceremony, which uses symbolism and allegory, its members are encouraged to value principles, ethics, and morality and to live their lives accordingly. By “making good men better,” Freemasonry positively benefits its members, families and communities. The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts represents 38,000 members and more than 235 lodges throughout the Commonwealth. For additional information, please call 800.882.1020, or visit